2 Estate Homes

Spartan Manor

2 Estate Homes in Athens

Simple Specs: Dream Homes in Athens  

Status: In Progress 2024 

Sold for: TBD

For many, finding the perfect neighborhood — not to mention just the right house — can feel like the story of Goldilocks. Everyone wants a neighborhood that’s not too big, but not too small; not too busy, but not too far from everything; and with plenty of privacy, but close enough to hop over to a friend’s home for an impromptu coffee. Finding the sweet spot can feel like an impossible challenge, and that’s even before considering the available housing options. But fear not, there’s another option: Start from scratch. Tucked away in the sylvan glades between Watkinsville and Athens, Georgia, Spartan Manor presents a rare opportunity to build from the ground up. Frayer & Judge is set to build 2 of the 26 homes in this community of spacious lots ranging in size from 1.5-acre parcels to a 4.57-acre cul-de-sac property.  

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