Residential Service

Hiring an experienced General Contractor / Builder for residential services can result in a smoother, more efficient construction process, higher quality work, and a successful outcome for clients.At Frayer & Judge Construction we have an extensive portfolio of diverse projects and invite you to view some of them on this website. Alternatively, if you would like to get started, we invite you to reach out anytime.

We want to be your General Contractor / Builder of choice and will offer you many benefits such as: Expertise & Knowledge, Project Management, Quality Workmanship, Problem Solving, Building Code Compliance, Relationships with Suppliers and Subcontractors, Risk Management,Time & Cost Efficiency, Communication Skills, Warranty & Accountability.

SFH Communities

Single Family Home Communities are where families become friends with their neighbors, where traditions are shared, and where life’s adventures are rooted. At Frayer & Judge we enjoy designing and building communities that feature timeless style, modern comfort, and quality identity. Our SFH Community locations are built in desirable areas with nearby access to amazing restaurants, shopping, and entertainment. Our home plans are designed to enhance the lifestyle of working professionals, young families, and recent retirees.

Stylish Townhomes

Our general contracting and design services extend to crafting quality, personalized visions for townhomes where residents are immersed in a perfect blend of comfort, convenience, and community. Each townhome project is approached with the same genuine integrity, unwavering standards for superior craftsmanship, and the seasoned reliability that defines our expertise. Our experience in coordinating diverse construction elements contributes to the successful realization of quality townhomes with an unparalleled blend of style and tranquility.

Custom Homes

A custom home is a one-of-a-kind home that is designed for a specific client and for a particular location. Choosing to build a custom home gives consumers the opportunity to control most aspects of their dream home build including style, floorplan, materials, and vision.

A pre-designed or semi-custom home is designed from a set of floor plans for the consumer to choose from. Frayer & Judge has built hundreds of homes and offers a wide range of floorplans which can get your dream home off to a great start. Once a floorplan has been chosen, some customization options are available such as materials, selections, and finishes.


A home renovation or a home remodel to upgrade living space and improve the dwelling experience also increases the investment in the home and breathes new life into old spaces. Frayer & Judge will work with you to understand the vision and goals of the renovation project and determine the scope of work. Whether you need a full home remodel that requires a teardown and rebuild, or you need an area restored or renovated, Frayer & Judge will approach your project with a commitment to excellence in integrity, quality, and professionalism.

Let’s Build Your Dream Home Together

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